E and B Maintenance Services

Company Profile

E & B Maintenance Services Inc. has been in the exterior property maintenance business for 20 years under the same ownership and management.  We are privately held which enables us to rapidly respond to the ever changing needs of our clients.  The company is fully licensed, insured, and bondable to be able to handle any maintenance opportunities.  Our client list represents a very diverse customer mix from heavy industrial properties to office buildings, apartments, condominium associations, and subdivision associations.

As with any successful company, the heart is our employees.  We employ licensed, professional technicians to complete your landscape maintenance tasks.  Our crews are setup by the various tasks required to keep your property projecting a clean manicured appearance.  You will not see lawn maintenance technicians also pulling weeds or fertilizing turf.  Each technician has been trained for the specific duties they perform.  We believe that you do certain things and do them very well which necessitates the need to have several dedicated crews to oversee and maintain your property.

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