E and B Maintenance Services

Winter Services

Snow Plowing 

We have a fleet of late model snow plowing equipment to handle small commercial buildings to large industrial plants and condominium/apartment communities. 

Deicing Service

We utilize 730 Gallon Spray units mounted on Dump/Flatbed trucks to perform anti-icing and de-icing control.  We manufacture our own salt brine and blend it with a "beet juice" product to provide exceptional control of snow and ice while having minimal impact on the environment.  There is NO grass burn when our custom liquids are used for snow/ice control.
Our company utilizes insert V-Box center spread salt application equipment.  This provides the most uniform application of rock salt enabling a perfect spread every time.
We utilize a blended potassium chloride de-icing agent for entryways and public walkways which has a finer texture than rock salt and is safer for the surrounding landscape areas.

Snow Removal

In the event of excessive accumulations of snow or if parking lot space is at a premium, we have the capabilities to move snow from the parking areas to a designated area on site or truck it for off-site disposal.

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